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Dalke Scientific Software, LLC provides commercial quality software products and services that help bioinformaticians and chemists do more science in less time.

With the advent of high-throughput technologies has come an immense growth in database size. So many techniques have been developed to analyze the data that a frequent worry of researchers is getting one tool to talk with another. Dalke Scientific Software develops platforms for tool integration which let people focus on research, not bookkeeping. A single, generic system cannot handle all the needs of a growing field. Instead, we provide robust, usable components and the expertise of how to use them so that you can solve your problems using your resources.


  • PyDaylight 1.0 released

  • EuroPython slides

  • NBN slides available

  • PyCon 2004 talk available

  • PyRSS2Gen-0.0 released

  • Essay opposing the OpenInformatics petition

  • Commercial Support for Biopython

  • Products
    We provide the following products and services:
    Biopython Biopython is an international collaborative project to develop open source tools for bioinformatics based on the Python programming language. Dalke Scientific is a major supporter of Biopython.
    Martel Martel can convert most existing flat-file bioinformatics and chemical data formats into a more easily usable XML format. Martel is the standard Biopython parser.
    Mindy Mindy is a database indexing system for fast record retrieval based on identifier or keyword lookups.
    PyDaylight PyDaylight is a rapid application development library based on the Daylight chemical informatics toolkits. Chemistry software development using PyDaylight is generally much faster and less error-prone than more traditional methods.
    EUtils EUtils is a Python library to search and retrieve information from NCBI's Entrez databases using their EUtils server interface.
    Python Resources Python modules we have contributed to the community.
    Services We provide commercial support for all of the products listed above.
    Send questions about these products to info@dalkescientific.com. Existing customers can send support questions to support@dalkescientific.com.

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